It is a common fact that microfiber cleaning towels are one of the most used towels in house cleaning, from cleaning floors to furniture, electronics, and glass. They are inexpensive, more flexible and really easy to use.  However, if you’re not washing them correctly, you can ruin your [...]

Becoming popular in the 1960s, during the height of the Black Power movement, Soul Food originates from the United States, with both African and European influences. With recipes dating back to pre-slavery times, a lot of the ingredients would have been part of the very limited rations that [...]

Having a green life means that you’re contributing to protecting the environment.  If you’re a green liver, you might think that creating an ecological garden is a significant step to reduce your environmental footprint. To do so, you need simple tips to create an eco-friendly garden. Actually, contemporary [...]

It’s easy to overthink cooking and eating in a new way. But really, all you need is the desire to incorporate some meatless meals into your life. Try not to overthink it, and go one meal at a time.  There are plenty of easy vegan ingredients to buy. [...]

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