Zero Waste Lifestyle : Getting Started

Zero waste lifestyle

When somebody is talking about: having a zero waste lifestyle, most of us are supposing that he’s stingy, right?

Well, it is not a common thing to hear that people are trying to live such a unique lifestyle by which they would live a healthier (green) life and would fight pollution and climate change and then saving what is left from our blue planet’s ecological system.

Contrary to folk’s belief, developing a zero waste lifestyle doesn’t mean turning your life into misery, but it consists of building a daily routine by which you’re getting used to good habits.

Becoming a zero waste liver will, for sure, optimize your life in terms of money savings and protecting the environment, so that you’ll be welcomed in the green living Club!

I know that it can be a little overwhelming at the beginning when you’re trying consistently to figure out how to start. The thing is, you’re not asking the right question, instead of ‘how’ try to ask yourself why?

If you want to start your zero waste journey, these points will make you a super zero-waster:

          1. Always begin with a ‘Why?’:

As I told you before, asking yourself what the reasons that made you decide to go zero waste are is essential to force your volition and keep yourself motivated during the entire process.

You need to know that this is not a fat-burn program that lasts only for 2 or 3 months, this has to be your eternal lifestyle from now on.

It’s all about discipline!

To be 100% disciplined you need to have very solid reasons. Perhaps it’s because you want to save money and then solve your financial problems, or you’re someone who cares deeply for the environment and want to reduce the carbon footprint of his daily trashes, or maybe you have a pre-settled unethical lifestyle and you want to change it!

Start with a ‘why,’ and watch the inspiration that will go across your mind!

           2.  Stop buying items that you don’t use!

A lot of items that we don't use

No way out! If you’re someone who falls easily for some items, knock-the doors out because today you’ll decide to stop it.

Being a zero waste means that you’ll need to control your charges and start to filter the items that you’re using on a daily basis and the items that you never use or you’re often using. Writing down these two elements is so crucial for you’ll figure out how to get rid of that habit, the habit of buying items just for the act of buying.

Nevertheless, if you’ve already bought thousands of items stocked in your cellar or your cave, they may be of good use, and this leads us to the third point.

           3. Try to use what you have:

An unknown-fact, every item can be used for more than one single task! This uncommon fact may seem impossible to you but start to consider it. For example, a few mason jars can be used for storing bulk foods, storing water, homemade treats (Toffee blondies, chocolate bark, snowflake mix…).

You can also use any old texture as reusable towels for your kitchen or for your home cleaning, or you can turn them into reusable grocery bags to help get plastic bags out of the environment, or you can make dog blankets by sewing a good number of T-shirts together made cheaper dog beds.

To begin your zero waste lifestyle, you don’t need to buy new items. Just check the stuff that you’ve got already, and you may find everything that you need to start your journey.

And be Creative!

          4. Make good research before buying a new item:

Making a good research using a magnifying Glass

If you have to buy an essential tool or item (that you really need) check a lot of stores before purchasing. I’ve experienced the habit of buying stuff so quickly before researching all around and usually; I’m finding the same item with the same quality but cheaper. Then, I decided to check every local thrift store or secondhand stores before I buy something.

Now, I am used to buying secondhand items because it fits my zero waste lifestyle and because the quality of these items can be better than new ones!

If you can’t find out what you’re looking (which can probably happen to you when you’re searching for unique items), you can research over the Internet, and I promise you: you’ll find out what you’re looking for!

           5. Classify your trash:

Classifying GarbageWhen you classify your trash per category (plastic, liquid…), you’re facilitating the recycling process for recycling companies and for yourself!

By doing so, you can recognize which type of items that you’re using the most if it’s plastic you should start reducing its usage. You can start buying food at your local farmers market and package-free stores.

Recycle whatever you can. Find a way to reuse an old item whenever you can. You can donate items in order to zero-waste living and keeping the matter out of landfills.


           6. Have a good zero waste community:

When you’re surrounded by people that have a similar lifestyle, it becomes very profitable for everyone involved in the community. It’s great to get friends and neighbors involved in caring for the environment and reducing their trash. This’ll have a positive impact on your daily routine.

Here are some pieces of advice to find a good community:

  • Get involved in environment protection associations
  • Discuss the zero waste lifestyle with people so that it’ll attract interested people to you
  • Support your local community garden and trash recycling businesses
  • Organize or participate in organizing environmental, social events

       7.  Be patient- Think about it as a process:

    Zero waste lifestyle is a process

Be patient, be patient, and be patient!

Your patience is the key here to succeed because you’re not able to change your lifestyle overnight; it might take years to go fully zero waste perfectly.

Remember, once you’re committed to this process everything becomes possible; you can learn new skills like doing the thing for your own, you can have an excellent social life, and you’ll make your home such an amazing zero waste place.

Be careful! Don’t copy others routine but get inspiration from your community, share your knowledge, ask a lot of questions. In the end, you’ll have an amazing life, and it’ll sound great for you!


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