The Nano Towels Review

Nano Towels Product Review

During the past five years, sustainability and green living are getting more and more in focus. Companies, Associations, and Families are looking for effective alternatives to replace environmentally damaging products.

Paper Towels are considered one of the most disposable products in every place that needs to be cleaned. For that, many families are aiming to replace it by reusable alternatives.

Nano Towels are absorbent revolutionary clothes that replace paper towels and other expensive cleaning clothes that intoxicate the environment. It is a piece of fabric made of Nanolon Technology that can help you get rid of traditional cleaning products.

What are Nano Towels made from?

These towels are made of a new type of cleaning technology that is made with the exclusive, proprietary fiber called “Nanolon” that cleans an effectively wide range of surfaces using only water. This unique technology is attracting dirt, dust, liquid like a magnet and leaving behind the usual clothes that are just spreading them around.

Nanolon fiber is a hundred times finer than one human hair which justifies the Nano Towels’ high ability to absorb up to 10 ounces of liquid without a single drip.

Some of the cleaning towels are using Microfiber which is a good fiber technology with diameters in the Microfiber range and which attracts almost every liquid and dust on the cleaning surfaces, while Nanolon is composed of fibers with diameters in the Nanofiber range, so imagine what the cleaning results would look like.

However, Washing Microfiber towels are the same as washing Nano towels and it is recommended to do it by hands.

Cleaning your car with Nanolon Fiber Technology

Why using Nano Towels instead of paper towels?

If you’re using paper towels this means that you’ll keep buying them infinitely, and then keeping paying much more charges for your householding and ultimately damaging the environment, for the proliferation of the mostly non-recyclable paper towels has the same globally adverse effects on the environment.

Money Savings:

Saving money on paper toilets and paper towelsIf we suppose that one roll of paper towels is worth 2$ and you’re using a minimum as only four rolls per week, that makes $8 per week, and then your monthly charges for towels would be $32.

If we’re following this logic, we can say that paper towels are very expensive for a year supply ($32 X 12= $384). By switching into Nano towels, you can save a lot of money more than you can imagine.



Be eco-friendly by using nano towelsIf you start using Nano Towels, It’ll make your home more “green” or “eco-friendly.” The common cleaning chemicals and their plastic bottles are very dangerous petrochemicals that impact the environment massively.

With Nano Towels, you’ll be using only one single product without chemicals and a product that allows you to clean faster without polluting your home and infecting your people!

In addition to dumping chemical use, using Nano Towels is a good way for reducing the trees cut down to make the paper itself in addition to reducing water consumption and then participating in the environment conservation indirectly and directly protecting your family and your kids from the long term effects that could have the petrochemicals that you’re using for your household.

What makes Nano Towels the best alternative?


Nano Towels are lasting longer than usual Towels, thanks to the high-quality fabric from which they’re made from (Nanolon).
The Nanofiber split thin fiber size make the towels more effective, for it retains the dirt strongly and releases it so easily when wet with tidy water.

This fantastic fabric characteristic can let these towels survive for more than 500 cleaning use, but the durability of it is related to how you’re caring for them, soon you must avoid cleaning them in the washing machine and start cleaning them by hand.

With a moderated use, you use a few packs of Nano towels for many years, without worrying about buying more and more towels.


A very well-known characteristic of Nano Towels is that they clean up spills quickly and thoroughly, why? Because the high-quality texture of this fabric is made especially to hold much of the liquid and sticking into it like a magnet.

The Nanolon’s huge absorption ability makes it also an excellent multi-functional cloth for your household, it serves you to effectively clean almost any hard surface, including glass, mirrors, tile, wood, stainless steel, chrome, metal, granite, porcelain, etc. Use it for gentle dusting, or hardcore cleaning.

2.Ease of use:

There is no specific technique or method for using these towels; all you need to do is appropriately washing them to keep them lasting longer. Now you can wipe down flat surfaces very easily and absorbing up spills.

Get rid of those long cleaning guides that come with cleaning materials and use the simplest but the most effective cleaning Towel!


Comparing to microfiber towels, Nano towels are a little bit expensive (more than $10 per one towel). But buying a single pack of Nano Towels, won’t make think again of purchasing other towels, so the cost savings of Nano Towels is starting to be considered for a long-term perspective.

Suppose that one pack of Nano Towels costs you $100, and consider that it will last for five years thanks to their durability. On the other side, if you’re using paper towels, it’ll cost you $300 per one year!

No doubt this is a game changer for your household cleaning, for you’ll forget about your towel purchasing issues and starting to cut down your charges insanely!

5.Quality of Clean:

The Nano Towels are specially designed to give optimum cleaning with nothing but water and are so easy to use. Simply spray or wipe the area to be cleaned with water, clean with the Nano Towel and buff dry with the dry side (or use another dry one).

You will then have a clean surface that is TRULY clean because it is free of chemical residue. Even tough to clean surfaces like stainless steel and glass come completely clean and streak-free.

Despite this, you can’t clean two distinct surfaces with the same towel, for example, you can’t wipe the floor and then cleaning your windows or mirror. This is due to the fact that small particles (like broken little material) are sticking to the nanofibers, so if you place your towel on a reflective surface, it’ll affect so hardly the glass surface.

Don’t get me wrong; Nano Towels are made for specific tasks, so avoid searching for a magical tool that can provide clean up all of your messes, because no such a tool exists already. This tool is providing more tasks than any other disposable product then go for it!


Now, Are you convinced about Nano Towels?

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