Energy saving devices for houses

Energy saving devices for houses

As most of us are looking for energy efficiency in order to reduce energy waste and also saving money on bills, it is recommended to search for energy saving devices for houses that allow us to run a sustainable lifestyle.

Energy saving devices for houses could be any items that help to measure or make better use of, energy in your home.

Since green living, became a trendy lifestyle, manufacturers are offering a lot of gadgets than ever before. However, not every item could be qualified as an energy saving device as most of them are a complete waste of money.

Below, you can find the best price-worthy gadgets that make you go green and save money on your energy:

1.Meters or Monitors:

Thermometers control your energy usageTo control your energy usage, you first need to measure how much you’re using of it.

Thermometers are simple and effective devices for energy savings. They can help you saving energy by measuring the temperature of refrigerators and freezers to get a great picture of your energy usage. You can also add Full House electricity monitors to set the utmost level of energy that you can use and also gauge the level of phantom load in your home.

On the other hand, you can save on refrigeration if your freezer’s temperature is set too high or too low. When your refrigerator’s temperature is too high that’s a waste of the energy used to stock your food. But if the temperature is too low you’re wasting more electricity than necessary. To have an exact measurement you, it is best to avoid a lot of opening and closing as you might distort the readings of your thermometer.

2. Smart Thermostats:

You can optimize energy usage in your home by using smart thermostats
Instead of traditional thermostats, new smart thermostats are equipped with a very sophisticated system that observes your attitude when it comes to electrical devices. Whenever you’re using air conditioning or heating systems, this renewable thermostat learns your timing and follows your patterns for energy savings.

When this cool energy saving device copies your energy attitudes, it has the ability to save you both power and money. Then, it adjusts the temperature, based on which rooms are in use.

In spite of the fact that smart thermostats may cost you up to $200, it is a great energy saving device for houses, so it’ll be very profitable for you if you consider it as a huge investment.

3. Energy Management Systems:

Install an energy management system in your house!If you’re a lazy person or someone who leaves the lights on all the time, you need to have energy management systems. These systems allow you to control your entire home via remote control.
Sometimes we’re leaving on the lights, coffee makers, TVs, appliances or even the security system, and that’s big energy and money waste. Now, all of these can be controlled only using an easy-to-use remote or using your smartphone.

4. LED bulbs:

LED bulbs are one of the most efficient energy saving devices
Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) are small, very efficient and solid bulbs. They have a lifespan many times longer than usual bulbs and are significantly more efficient. These bulbs are composed of LED chips able to emit 303 lumens per watt.

LED bulbs offer the cheapest, but the brightest light from another energy-efficient lighting.
Compared with incandescent and fluorescent illuminating devices, the following are LEDs’ benefits:

  • Low power requirement: LED bulbs don’t require much power as they can operate with power batteries;
  • Durable: If you install these bulbs properly and keep their maintenance LEDs can be functional for a long time;
  • High power efficiency: The power supplied to LEDs is directly converted some functional radiation, the good thing: there is no heat production with it!
  • Inter-connexion: When you install a LED system in your entire home, stages in the electronic system can be connected together and can be controlled using a remote and then avoiding energy waste in your home.

5. Smart Power Strips:

Eliminate the phantom load with smart power stripA smart power strip is a power bar that monitors and controls for electrical outlets in the strip, in order to avoid household devices from energy waste and then improving energy efficiency.
Most of these strips are very helpful as the outlets were designed to help users for power savings. For example, you can set turn on and off some devices as a group or you might set their period of inactivity.
Instead of plugging and unplugging every night, you can do it automatically by making use of these power strips. In addition to this, a power strip can cut phantom power for every device that is plugged into it.

To sum up, energy saving devices for houses are multiple and vary in their prices. For your house energy savings, you need to select the devices that’ll allow you to get energy efficiency and, in the meantime, allow you to keep your power bill down. Most of these gadgets could be expensive, but after a while, you’ll realize that it is a very profitable investment in your home.

If you’ve got new gadgets that should be added to this list, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below and help our green living community to save both money and energy in homes.



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