About Us

People that are living a green life

Hello! My name is Josh Winks, and I’m the founder of GreenLifeGo. During my entire life, I was the kind of people that don’t care for the environment at all.  One day I was touring the world, and I was shocked by the disasters that I was causing through my unethical acts, and then I decided to give up my life for creating a community that should protect the environment.
GreenLifeGo was created as an eco-friendly platform solution focusing on green health care and sustainability.
It is a well-known fact that our earth’s environment is getting worse than ever, we aim to share ecological and ethical values by presenting a lot of alternatives whether in energy, fashion, or health care. By doing this, our community’s volition is avoiding every act that destroys or contributes to the environment’s destruction.
If you’ve been reading our articles, you’ll understand that it is easy to conserve our blue planet’s safety, now we can build an ecologically healthy world without a big waste of time and money.


Our Slogan: Go and get a Green Life!